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skip soccer, go to the pool {Swim School of Denver}

Reflecting on 11 years of parenting, I whole-heartedly believe that the best investment we have made in our kids is swim lessons. And not just any lessons, but specifically the survival lessons at The Swim School of Denver. We have been to just about every pool and swim class in the greater Denver area…and this is by far the best program we have found!


Oliver started taking class right after his second birthday. Within a few lessons I felt confident that if he fell into water he would be able to float on his back and call for help. Our girls spent years learning to swim at other classes, but Oliver could swim across the pool in a matter of weeks. Yes, seriously…weeks! We wish we had found this when our girls were learning to swim. 


Think about all the time that your family spends around water. What would your child do if he fell into a pool? A lake? Sometimes water is unexpected…like a pond at the park. We didn’t hesitate to enroll Oliver the day we walked into Denver Divers. Primarily for his safety, but also because we know he will want to learn to surf soon!


If you are contemplating ballet, soccer, gymnastics…just wait! First, invest in swim lessons. It could save your child’s life. You can pick up those other sports later. A swim program like this is a big commitment of time and money. From experience I can tell you that the cheaper classes will take 10 times longer because they are not as effective…so you’ll end up spending just as much money on swim lessons in the long run.


An aquatic outing is so much more fun now that all of our kids are confident swimmers. It makes me happy to know they can enjoy water sports for the rest of their lives!


We love that each teacher is well-trained, patient and loving. As Oliver has moved through the ranks, he has had to opportunity to work with several teachers here…and he adores each one!


This is Oliver’s sad face when we have to leave the pool. He wants to swim forever! 


If you are interested in giving your child the gift of aquatic bliss, check out Denver Divers in Cherry Creek North. You won’t regret it!