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I believe food is the best medicine! However, our water is sanitized (therefore lacking in B12) and soil depletion is leading to fewer minerals in our produce. You can read more about that on the blog…but for now, here are a few supplements to cover the bases:

Complement contains B12 which used to be in our water…but thanks to water sanitization, it’s not any more. It also includes D3, which most of us don’t produce because we wear sunscreen when we are out in the sun. Omegas are another nutrient often lacking in our diets that you’ll get in Complement. If you get upgrade to Complement Plus you also receive some important trace minerals!

I love the Healthy Starts for Families program with Juice Plus! Find out how your kids can get free Juice Plus supplements to “fill the gaps” between what they eat and the important nutrients they need. I’m not a big fan of supplements, most of them don’t contain what they say they do. This product is NSF certified and has been used in research including the MD Anderson Cancer Center. You can bet that if MD Anderson uses this product for cancer patients, it is premium quality.

I drink the Organifi Green Juice every morning. During my 22 days in India, this helped my digestion system stay healthy and clean! As you may know, your digestion system is your first line of defense. Greens help you detoxify the whole system and help our microbiome to flourish. Check out Organifi’s Green Juice! p.s. It actually tastes good too.


Did you know some sunscreens can be just as harmful as the sun rays themselves?! Don’t put chemicals on yourself or you kids! Try these options:

Hair and body


My go-to cleaner is baking soda and/or vinegar. But sometimes you need a little more, so try these:


Sustainable clothing for yoga or everyday. I absolutely love their clothing and wear it daily!

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