Refuel with a smart post-game snack

So, soccer season is starting for the little man in my house…which means the “post-game” snack signup goes around and I cringe thinking about what people are going to bring. After years of studying nutrition, knowing the impact of food on the body and brain, and seeing the impact of nutrition on my family…I can get a little crazy about post-game snacks. After last year’s t-ball games I saw everything from “fruit” snacks to sugary popsicles full of dye.

You are welcome to peruse the research yourself, or you can take some simple advice and give your kids real food after the game!
Smart snacks for post game:

  • sliced oranges…so refreshing
  • clementines…so easy to share
  • sliced apples with cinnamon
  • sliced watermelon
  • sliced cucumbers
  • whole bananas (the original fruit snack)
  • berry kabobs or melon kabobs
  • carrots, kids love to munch on whole carrots
  • frozen banana popsicles coated with cacao powder or these Banana Pops for an extra yummy treat
  • homemade fruit popsicles (mix coconut water with any kind of chopped fruit or berries, freeze and enjoy)

Ok, you get the idea…any kind of REAL food is best!

To make distribution easy, I like to put my snacks into cupcake liners and then into a larger container to transport. Dixie cups also work really well.

Let’s pass on the crackers with some cheese-like substance, ok?! Also can we pass on the “sports” drinks. Most of them are full of sugar and dyes and our kids really just need water after a 60 minutes moderate activity.

What we feed our kids is, in my opinion, the greatist gift we can give them. So let’s celebrate post-game with a healthy snack!
Kids are developing life-long habits! Teach them that it’s worth the time and effort to recover after the game with real food. As your kids get older and more competitive in sports, nutrition could mean the difference between making the college team or sitting on the bleachers. More on sprots performance here.