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preschool celebration

I love all of the celebrations that come with the end of the school year. It’s a time to acknowledge achievements, honor milestones and reflect.

Oliver finished his first year of preschool, so we rode to Addison’s house to celebrate with the Plum Tree class. It’s been a fun year of making friends, creating art, exploring literature, aquatic adventures and celebrations.


I am definitely biased, but I think this kid looks like a stud riding his bike with a pink shirt and tie…what do you think?!

Oliver wasn’t sure what to think about “graditation” but while he was just standing around, it must have seemed like a good time for nose picking. I just hope he gets over that habit before high school graduation.


Oliver was lucky to be in a class with older kids who showed him the ropes. He grew so much this year emotionally and physically.


The right teachers can make all the difference! I’m so thankful for Dora and Pete. Their creativity and passion helped Oliver develop in so many ways.

We are looking forward to another great year of preschool at the JCC.