Opt outside | Buena Vista CO

On Monday morning I hop in the car and breathe in the sweet smell of campfire smoke. Days after our excursion I enjoy this subtle reminder of snuggling by the campfire. 2017-buena-vista-CO-2_WEB.jpg

“It’s a mommy and me trip,” he says as we cruise west on Wednesday morning. We have no real plan. We just need some time in the outdoors, a break from our busy urban life. We throw a tent and supplies in the car. “How about Buena Vista?” I ask Oliver. “Ok!”

2017-buena-vista-CO-13_WEB.jpgIt doesn’t go quite as planned. After a tent fiasco, we end up driving down the road in search of a different place to sleep…not what I envisioned, but it works out. We still get to enjoy the simple pleasures of camping, like campfire dinners! We stay in a yurt one night and a cabin another night at Arrowhead Point.

I love the simplicity of camping life. We spend 95% of our waking hours in the fresh moutain air.



On Thursday we head toward Mt Princeton Hot Springs. Oliver notices, “We’re in the middle of nowhere.” I smile and think, “Yes, exactly.” We pass acres and acres of untamed land. It’s refreshing.

The warm pools are surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery. Oliver loves the long, windy slide at the upper pools! A sudden afternoon downpour reminds us to take a break. We sit in the car and have a picnic before we head down to the lower pools and steam room.

2017-buena-vista-CO-9_WEB.jpgAnd yes, we indulge in gooey treats. The nutritionist in me wants to skip the marshmallows, but the Girl Scout in me thinks, “What’s a camping trip without campfire-roasted marshmallows?!” Plus, it’s hard to say no to this sweet face!

If you’re looking for a quaint mountain town with plenty of camping options, Buena Vista should be on your list! It’s refreshingly small and offers a variety of activities for adventurous travelers!