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I am enough

Well, I’m officially a full-time mom! I will no longer be running a portrait business…although you can bet I will definitely be creating photographs. My focus will change to documenting my own family. I love watching the kids sit on the couch with a photo book, giggle at their “crazy” hair or that phase when they refused to wear anything that wasn’t pink and sparkly.
The decision has been a tough one. I’ve been holding on to this professional side of me in fear that being “just a mom” wasn’t enough! After some recent events, I realized that being a mom is the most important job that I have and it deserves my complete attention. It feels good to be available to serve my family. I am enough. Can you tell I’ve been reading Brene Brown?!
I’m opening my weekends up to more family adventures, longboard sessions and cruising around the ‘hood on our bicycles. Our oldest will leave the nest in 5 years, YIKES, and I have a feeling those years will pass quickly. I want to be fully present for all of the moments and enjoy what we have together. Cheers to just being a mom!