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In my other life…

In my other life…I am a teacher.

I always imagined myself as a teacher, but life happens while we are making other plans…right?! 2010 was one of those life-altering years. I had been working diligently on my Master’s degree in Elementary Education, managing a family, a job and school. There were so many long nights and papers written in the isolation of darkness while my family slept.

I finished my courses and was ready for the last piece, student teaching. Then, this beautiful baby boy arrived. I looked at this sweet little person and I dropped everything. I knew that the path I was on could wait…indefinitely. My heart felt full. I could picture nothing else but snuggling with my little bundle all day and taking care of our daughters. Just being there. Being a mom. Nothing else mattered.

I was entrusted with this tiny little being. I felt compelled to serve my family and forget about that other path.

Five years later, here I am…my brand new baby is in Kindergarten! I feel a deep sense of gratitude that I was able to share the early years with each of my kids. I’m also thankful to have found yet another path, a sense of purpose and a balance as a working mom.