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Exist in photographs

As a parent you probably make many photographs of your kids, but you might be guilty of excluding yourself. Find a way to get in the frame…exist in photos for your children and your grandchildren.


My home contains a few beautifully framed prints such as the one above of my grandmother. I’m thankful that my parents and grandparents understood the value of preserving photographs. With each stroll down the hall, I get to enjoy a glance at my gorgeous grandmother. A flood of memories fills my mind. I think about the sun-drenched kitchen in her Boulder, Colorado home. I would stare through the prisms dangling in her wide window and spent (what seemed like) eternity examining the variety of cacti below.


Perched on her piano bench, I found a love for music. My fingers grazed the piano keys as I composed several original stanzas. It probably wasn’t a pleasant sound, but my grandmother didn’t mind. She was so loving and patient.
As we began 2015, my grandmother passed away. My fading memories and this portrait are all I have left. The image portrays a young, vibrant women…which is just the way I want to always remember her.
Exist in photographs for your children!