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eco-friendly baby {giggling green bean}

I first visited the Giggling Green Bean about 4 years ago to inquire about cloth diapers. I had seen a friend using them and thought, “I should do this!”…but I didn’t know where to start. The GGB offers diapering classes, brilliant!

These are not your Grandma’s cloth diapers. Contemporary cloth diapers have evolved! The super convenient and super cute diapers offered at the GGB will make you rethink dumping thousands of diapers into a landfill where they will sit for a few hundred years. You won’t need to worry about poking your baby with a giant safety pin…cloth diapers have snaps or velcro now.


Some moms give you this “You’re crazy” look when you tell them you use cloth diapers. Hello?!?! You are a mom now…you just accepted the dirtiest job. Plan on cleaning up bodily fluids for another 18 years. You are changing diapers anyway, cloth is not that much more work…but has less impact on the environment.

Here are some reasons I decided to use cloth diapers:
1. environmentally friendly
2. save money (so you can get that pair of yoga pants you’ve had your eye on)
3. they are so much CUTER
4. say goodbye to diaper rash and diaper creams
5. no harsh chemicals on your baby’s little bum

…and, my favorite benefit, drum roll please…

6. potty training is easier and usually earlier!!!

My son was potty trained right after his second birthday. Why?! Because when you have cotton on your bum you can feel when you are wet and that is just enough motivation to find the potty.


The Giggling Green Bean was started by a mom in Denver who couldn’t find cloth diapers locally…the GGB has become so much. It’s now a one stop shop for all things baby. Feeding supplies, carriers, toys, clothes, you name it!

Not sure if cloth is right for you? Take a free class at the GGB. Buy a couple and try them out. I was reluctant too, but it’s the best choice I made! My only regret is not doing this for my daughter…11 years ago I didn’t know anyone using cloth.

If you choose cloth, I can give you more advice on the essentials (such as a diaper sprayer…definitely get a sprayer). Feel free to email me @ hello@cherylspriggs.com. You can also ask any of the lovely ladies at the GGB, who might happen to have a cloth-diapered baby strapped to their chest.

Try them…I dare you!



Also, check out the other fabulous green products at the GGB!