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Dinner, it’s kind of a big deal

Family meals are a big deal in our house. We sit down for dinner together every single night. No matter what.
There are so many benefits to eating a meal together as a family.

My crew gives me a hard time about being the “food police” around here…but you know the saying “You are what you eat”. Well, it’s true. The food you eat becomes you. So, I try to make home cooked meals as much as possible. Life is busy, I get it. But a little preparation and planning will go a long way.


I especially love when the kids get involved. Ok, they actually don’t have a choice. But, I can put up with a little eye rolling if it means they get the benefit of being involved in the kitchen. When my kids leave the house, I expect them to be prepared to take care of themselves. They need some cooking skills!
Kayla was in charge of the salsa, Kendyll prepped the marinade for our Tilapia, Oliver took on his usual roll of grating the cauliflower…perfect job for a destructive little boy!

And here is the finished product. Chipotle Tilapia served over cilantro lime cauliflower “rice” with Strawberry-Mango salsa and fresh avocado. Delicious! And guess what?! They all loved it. We’ll do this one again for sure!