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change is in the air

September brought big change for this little guy. It was agonizing. We resisted. We lost sleep over it. Are we doing the right thing?!

When we enrolled him for Kindergarten, we imagined him being at that school for 9 years. But after a year, here we are…starting 1st grade at a new school, with new friends and new teachers.

Change is hard. But reflecting on the change, we know that we did the right thing. It’s clear that this learning environment is more suitable for him. The extra time outside fits his needs and our families values. The decrease in homework allows us more time to play a game of Sorry or kick a soccer ball around after school.

He is thriving now! He used to cling to my leg all the way into the classroom and now he says goodbye and skips off to his nurturing teachers.

We gave him a fresh start. Each morning he connects with peers on the playground. He has gained a sense of community, connection, love and belonging. And it doesn’t get much better than that!

So what about having 3 kids at 3 schools? Seems more complicated, right?! Not at all. Each child is in a place that works for them…and that has simplified things for our family.

And now that we are into the new routine, it’s time to select a high school for my oldest, yikes!

Change is constant. I suppose it’s time to embrace it.