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unfiltered stories of life as a mom

Badass Mother – Jess Kos Birney

I met Jessica a lifetime ago (before marriage & motherhood) at a fitness workshop. I was immediately drawn to her.View full post »

Your kids brain on exercise

As humans, we are meant to be physically active throughout the day. But as a society we are training our kids to “View full post »

Adventures in Aeroponics | Part One

Gardening is not my thing. I can’t even keep a houseplant alive. But I’ve always wanted to grow my own foodView full post »

Badass Mother – Jill Sterner

As a busy mother myself, I’m always looking to other moms for ideas on how to keep healthy & strong whileView full post »

Fuel your young athlete

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, I’m watching my daughter play soccer and notice that her energy dwindling by theView full post »

The better I treat myself…

“The better I treat myself, the better my life becomes” -Spirit JunkieIt’s Saturday and not quiteView full post »

The broken leg saga

87 days, 3 casts and 1 walking boot… The first hours were the worst. It was agonizing to see the pain in his eyesView full post »


Fourteen is this sweet stage between childhood innocence and adult independence. I get to sit back and watch my selfView full post »

Detox. Every Damn Day.

Detoxifying our bodies is not something we should think about once a year. Since we are exposed to toxins from theView full post »


It’s a new year and I’m pretty damn excited to start fresh. The end of 2016 included some traumatic events.View full post »

Be a Badass Mother

Dear Mama, I know you are working your tail off to take care of those kiddos…but what about you? When you are inView full post »

change is in the air

September brought big change for this little guy. It was agonizing. We resisted. We lost sleep over it. Are we doing theView full post »

my boys

I’m absolutely crazy about these 2 boys and their connection. I’m thankful I get to witness moments likeView full post »

a boy and his bike

I can’t think of a single summer day that didn’t include our bicycles. When I suggest we go to the library,View full post »