Capture your child

With so many digital devices at our fingertips, it’s easy to go overboard snapping photos mindlessly throughout your child’s day. Let’s change that! Let’s make photos that you will actually print and will be proud to hang in your home. Let’s make photos that you will want to share with your grandkids.

This year I challenge you to create better pictures, to put more thought into each image. Take a minute to look through your photos (or think about the last few you have made). I bet most of them are on your smartphone, right?! When was the last time you printed photos? Or made an album? Let’s embark on a journey together. I’ll share a tip. You go try it. At the end of the year we will make a beautiful album full of our gorgeous children enjoying life.

Below are a few of my 2014 favorites that will soon be printed in an album…and passed down to the next generation.


This is my “little” brother (he’s not very little any more) and his beautiful children. I had the pleasure of capturing them on a recent visit. The silhouette is my daughter.


…and all the cousins together.

Kayla thrives in competitive endeavors, so I always have a camera handy for soccer games and cross country meets!

Ready?! Step one: no more “Stand right here. Look at the camera. Smile.” Instead: Move. Play. Let kids be kids. Let them do things they love and capture their genuine happiness. No more stiff boring photos.