The better I treat myself…

“The better I treat myself, the better my life becomes”  -Spirit Junkie affirmation It’s Saturday and not quite sunrise. I kiss my sleeping family goodbye. I enjoy the peace of sitting in the airport with a book and nobody to look after. I already feel relaxed. I snag myself a window seat on the plane (my favorite) and watch the houses get tinier & tinier as we ascend. The mountains seems to shrink below me and I get a reminder of the magnitude of the world. I’m not even out of Colorado…but I’m inspired to start planning my next adventure!

I arrive at the Shambala Petit Hotel, feel my feet sink into the sand, throw down my bags and jump into my swimsuit. I skip into the salty ocean waves to rinse away the stress (and sweat) of traveling. Refreshing!

I have to admit, as other women arrive I feel intimidated. I don’t know any of these obnoxiously fit people whom I was about to workout with for the week. Maybe I can’t keep up?! What did I get myself into?! As we settle in and begin chatting, my intimidation turns to inspiration. These ladies are positive, caring and nonjudgemental…and each awesome in a unique way. As women, we are all caretakers in some way. We are here to take a break from our jobs as mothers, business owners, doctors and executives. I begin to realize how much we all have in common and we arrive with the same goal: refresh, renew, relax!

Over 7 days, these strangers become my friends. We connect and encourage each other. We share meals and lively conversations. We soak up the sunshine and sweat together (a lot). We do a little salsa dancing and tequila tasting. We ride bikes, sail in a catamaran, explore Mayan ruins and swim in an underground cenote. Laughter is abundant!

I leave Tulum feeling energized, ready to take on the real world that awaits me back in Denver. Ready to inspire others to live well. Ready to take care of my family.

Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude. My heart is full of gratitude. I am thankful for my strong, healthy body. I am thankful for all of the people who made this trip possible, family members who took care of my kids and my husband who took on extra duties for the week. I am especially thankful for Teddi B for organizing this amazing experience. I am thankful for the beautiful balance between fitness, relaxation, exploration and cultural experiences. I am thankful for this unique and inspiring adventure!

Until next year,