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Be a Badass Mother

Dear Mama,

I know you are working your tail off to take care of those kiddos…but what about you? When you are in charge of a tiny army, you have to take care of yourself too.

Eat well, read a book, take a bath, exercise, and do things you love! Not only will you be able to better handle your gig as a mom, but you’ll be a better role model for those kids too.

So let’s focus on food for a moment…

One of the best ways that we can prevent disease, live strong, decrease toxins in your body and take care of your health is by eating plants. Why? Because they are packed with phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It’s good shit!

So let’s start adding¬†some plants to the menu every day. Keep in mind, this has to work for you to make it sustainable…but here are a couple of ideas:

Make a morning smoothie with any kind of produce you like, maybe you despise Kale…skip it. Throw in some berries and a banana for now. Maybe down the road you’ll get brave and throw in spinach and flaxseed. Whatever. Just start your day with some plant fuel & make it work for you!

-Add some greens in your lunch. Most days, my lunch is super lazy. I might heat up a can of lentil soup. If you are lazy like me, throw in a handful of spinach, toss on some cayenne pepper and BAM, you’ve got yourself a tasty lunch with some additional plants!

What about dinner? Make veggies the main dish! Why not? Grab an awesome cookbook like Oh She Glows if you need some ideas for killer veggie recipes. When you cut back on meat, you will automatically eat more veggies to fill your plate.

Have fruit for dessert. One of my favorites: lightly oil a pan (I prefer coconut oil for it’s sweetness), toss sliced bananas on it. Heat on medium for a couple of minutes, toss some cinnamon, maybe some nutmeg on top. Flip them over and VOILA! Serve your kids a sweet treat with some plant power!

Like mama always said, “Eat your veggies!” Thanks mom…you were right.

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I love this easy smoothie for breakfast: one scoop of Vanilla Complete, 1 banana, cinnamon, almond milk…delightful

I get 13 grams of protein to get me through the morning.