Badass Mother | Heather Lorince Harrington

One day, I dropped in to take a Yoga Sculpt class at the club, not knowing who this Heather chick was… but 15 minutes into class I had developed a love-hate relationship with her. I love a fitness instructor who you think of the next day when all those little muscles are aching that you didn’t know existed. You know what I mean?!

Let’s get straight to the point- this woman is an inspiration! There’s something in the way she guides you through the hardest workout of your life with a sense of humor and that innocent look on her face…like it’s no big deal.

My first impression was that she just spent like 8 hours a day working out and spent the rest of her time munching on kale. Come to find out she balances her love of fitness with motherhood, a real estate gig, and margaritas!

Here are some words of wisdom from this amazing fitness guru:

CS: Why is fitness important to you?
HLH: Fitness has always been a huge part of my life.  Growing up on a farm, living 10 miles from the nearest town…I did a lot of running on dirt roads.  I also had nothing else to do but play sports.  And volleyball paid my way through college and still pays me – as I play on the beach volleyball circuit competitively.  I found yoga after I was done playing collegiate sports and that paved the way to learn and teach lots of other fun styles and modalities.  I love to move and I love to connect with other people…fitness has allowed me to do both.  I also have a 2 year old I have to keep up with…so I have to be in shape because she’s crazy.


How do you stay inspired?
I stay inspired by always being a student and always learning.  I’m inspired by other teachers, I’m inspired by my students and their fitness journeys and I’m inspired by my family.  My daughter and husband make me always want to do better and be better, as do the people I teach on the daily.

Do you have any advice for busy moms?! How do you stay so strong and healthy?
My best piece of advice is always make time for you…whether it’s a workout at home or finding an hour to go take a class even when it doesn’t make sense in your schedule.  You can’t take care of others on an empty tank so you have to fill yourself up and create joy for yourself…and a workout class can be just what the doctor ordered even when you’re exhausted.
I stay healthy by doing everything in moderation and I don’t freak out on the scale.  I know what my body craves and I listen to it.  I don’t deprive myself and I don’t over exercise.  I keep my brain as active as my body and I have a great group of friends who love to workout together.

What’s your favorite way to sweat? 

I love a variety of workouts…I love heavy weights one day, sand volleyball doubles the next, a body weight pilates or yoga class, mixed in with a boxing class or cardio class.  I have workout ADD and I can’t just do one style.  Which is why I’m opening a studio called Compass Fitness — where you can  take a variety of fun classes throughout the week and find your direction.

Do you have a self-care routine?
Self care…yes!!  I love to take baths…it’s normally with a 2 year old, but whatever.  It’s still nice at the end of the day.  I also get regular massage and facials.  And pedicures.  And blow-outs.  And anything I can do to not feel disgusting after teaching 20 classes a week.  I also like to buy myself flowers.  Because – why not?

What is your favorite indulgence?
Margaritas and chips and salsa…and more margaritas.


Tell us about your new fitness venture.
We are opening June 2nd…Compass Fitness is on Broadway and Evans and we will be offering a variety of fun class to challenge your body in ALL the ways you want to be challenged.  We want you to find a new direction and know that there are so many fun ways you can take your fitness journey.  We will partner with other studios throughout Denver and offer events with all of these great teachers – because we can.  We have 7000 square feet to work with and we love our fitness friends!  And we love teaching.  We will offer boxing, HIIT, pilates/yoga based classes, cardio dance classes, heavy lifting classes, upper/lower/and full body focused classes as well as offering childcare in our space!  It’s a win win!

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