Badass Mother – Jill Sterner

As a busy mother myself, I’m always looking to other moms for ideas on how to keep healthy & strong while still kicking ass at this mom gig…so each month I’ll be sharing a little advice from another mother!

Let me introduce this month’s Badass Mother, Jillian Sterner. She cruises the north Denver ‘burbs in her “swagger wagon” (aka minivan) teaching adult and children’s fitness classes. Jill is admired for her infectious smile and contagious optimism. I connected with her several years ago while nursing our boys after BYOB yoga…that’s bring your own baby, in case there was some confusion. She has been a role model and friend ever since.


Here are a few wise words from Jill’s interview:

What inspires you to stay fit?

Staying fit and building workouts is a creative outlet for me. When I work out in the morning it clears my mind and gets me ready for a more productive day.

How do you stay fit as a business owner with young children?

I make it a priority to get up early 3 or 4 days per week. If it’s the first thing I do in the morning everything else falls into place. It doesn’t affect anyone else’s schedule and my husband & kids hardly notice I’m gone.

Can you share some advice for busy moms?

Figure out if you’re a morning person or night person and work with that! Do your workouts before your kids get up or right after they go to bed! If you are dreading your workouts change it up. Find something that inspires you and is fun! It’s different for everyone so ask yourself how can I look forward to this?


What’s your favorite way to sweat?

I had hip surgery several years ago which changed my style of workouts. I needed something that was high intensity as well as low-impact. I started training in barre, but wanted something unique so I combined it with tabata. I call this fusion, BARATA! It’s amazing for tightening and toning where women need it the most. The kicker is we workout barefoot on padded floors made for mixed martial arts/wrestling. Not only does this absorb the impact on our joints but it creates more instability so we can develop balance and strength. A side benefit is superstrong feet and ankles which is incredibly helpful as we age.

What are your favorite ways to be active with your kids?

I like doing yoga and Stretch-n-Grow with my kids! We also enjoy riding bikes, having dance parties, hide and go seek, swimming, running around the park, playing football, building forts, hiking, cooking, etc…being active is a great way for us to stay present together!


How do you inspire your kids to be healthy too?

I lead by example. We eat healthy 80% of the time and keep active together. I also try to get them involved in the recipe process, grocery shopping, and cooking! It’s fun to have them pick out a new vegetable or fruit to try. It encourages them to make healthier choices.


Check out her awesome kids programs here: