Badass Mother | Jamaica Cooke

Meet Jamaica Cooke, entrepreneur, badass mother and super fit chick! Jamaica used to juggle a corporate desk job with a side of fitness classes, but soon realized that she was much happier when leading a group through a music-driven sweat session rather than twirling around in her office chair. So…she left the desk and never looked back. Now, a few years &¬†two kids later…she is ready to bring Denver the newest in kickboxing technology.

So how did I meet Jamaica? Well, I’m glad you asked. After trekking through the sweltering Costa Rican jungle with 3 kids on the humid July day, the pool was calling my name. I swam up to the bar to order a few¬†fruity frozen drinks just as another family arrived. Our kids starting splashing around together and become instant BFF’s! After the usual small talk, we discovered that we live approximately 8 minutes from each other back in Denver. What are the odds?! We had just one day left in paradise…so we vowed to reconnect back in Denver. The rest is history…


Here are some inspiring words from my interview with Jamaica:

What inspires you to stay fit?
My kids and my family! I want to be active with them. As a family, we run 5k’s, we jump on the trampoline and we don’t watch much TV or use electronics. I make it a priority to be fit and healthy for my kids.

Any advice for busy moms?
If you take that one hour for yourself, you are a better mother for the day. You might feel like you are being selfish, but you’ll have better energy to share with your kids.

What is your favorite way to sweat?
Kickboxing. It’s been a prime way to stay fit and reduce stress. I get lost in the music…it’s always been my preferred method of exercise. The class never gets dull or easy because my technique gets better. I can push harder and go faster. I love the variation.


Tell me more about how you ended up here
I moved to California to help a family member open a restaurant, then I worked a corporate desk job. I realized my part-time gig as a kickboxing instructor could be a satisfying full time job. I’ve wanted to open a studio for a long time, but we were moving often for my husband’s military job. Now that we are settled in Denver, I’m creating exactly the type of place I love to workout.

I started teaching 17 years ago and I see the difference in can make in peoples lives. I have worked with people who are professional athletes and some with disabilities like cerebral palsy…to see how they can all benefit is inspiring.

So, how do you stay fit as s business owner with young children?
We intentionally built a small studio because I want to oversee the whole group. When I teach, I workout with them. It’s motivating. We work hard together.


I imagine you and your family do a lot of physical activities together, what are your favorites?
We take bike rides, have races around the block, we all jump on the trampoline together. I don’t like to sit and watch while my kids do activities, we do them together. The kids think it’s hilarious when I get on the trampoline and do toe touches. That gives me the greatest joy, doing activities with them that they love.

Tell us a little more about the new studio.
Kickboxing and technology collide for an intense workout with heavy bags. It’s great for all levels because the workout intensity is controlled by you. You can compete with yourself, set goals for the day, week and month. Classes are set to upbeat music, we have fun…so that hour goes quickly. We include core work and add variety to the class with medicine balls and gliders. My background as a personal trainer has given me the expertise to help everyone get results.

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