Anne Havens | Cancer Warrior

Anne opens the door with a gentle smile and a glow that I wouldn’t expect from a person battling cancer. Her radiant skin and eyes show no signs of illness or struggle. Hope permeates through her home. Alters and plants invoke a sense of peace and contentment.

It is mid-morning, so she is making her typical cancer-fighting smoothie. I enjoy green smoothies myself, but I cringe when she adds raw red onion. Anne says this is her medicine. The taste is not a concern. She pours a little for me to taste…not too terrible actually.
Right now, a good part of her day is consumed with preparing meals and eating. She takes care of herself like it’s her job.


When Anne was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer, she became a warrior, ready to endure the battle. She armed herself with an arsenal of health care providers ranging from acupuncturists to traditional oncologists and considered everything from food to environmental toxins and even the flow of energy in her body.

To some extent, the idea of a holistic approach to beat cancer was sparked by her oncologist’s mention of meditation, but as a spiritual being, Anne was likely to go that route anyway. She sought out anyone who could help and read books like Radical Remission and Crazy Sexy Diet. She surrounded herself with an amazing group of friends (you know…like the kind of friends who get matching tattoos and enjoy solstice celebrations).

I can’t possibly sum up Anne’s whole story in this short blog- but here are the methods she is using to kick cancer’s ass!


Anne nourishes her body with an array of vegetables, greens, warm lemon water with cayenne, green tea, smoothies, apricot seed kernels and other whole food. She leaves out anything processed and treats herself to dates and fruit when she wants something sweet. She follows the Ayurvedic practice of eating warm foods in the winter and cooler foods in the summer.

Physical & Spiritual practices
Her routine includes healing practices such as meditation, yoga, Qigong, rebounding and acupuncture. I’m impressed by Anne’s dedication. Each night and morning Anne has a one hour practice that includes central channel breath work, deep quantum meditation, visualization, blessing each cell in her body and then concludes with a prayer and affirmation. Rather than being dragged down by cancer, she is raising her vibration. I’m amazed by her positive attitude. She says, “If you want to change you life, you have to do something different.” Amen, sista!


On top of her intentional lifestyle choices, she recently opted for support from pharmaceuticals and cannabis too. Anne carries the BRCA gene mutation, making her more susceptible to breast cancer, so she is holding nothing back.

Limiting Toxins
Carriers of the BRCA gene mutation, like Anne, tend to be more susceptible to environmental toxins. Toxins are a constant threat and there are many we cannot avoid. Anne’s wellness plan includes scrutinizing labels and avoiding any and every toxin possible. She is letting her hair become more natural as she phases out hair dye from her life. She is mindful about her choices in soap, shampoo, and household products.


Anne started this journey with a regimen of intermittent fasting. Fasting has been proven to shrink tumors and destroy cancer cells. Fasting stimulates autophagy and apoptosis. Both are normal processes in the body, and are enhanced when fasting. During autophagy, worn out or dysfunctional cell parts are “eaten up” by the body and new parts are created. After a certain number of divisions, our cells are programmed to die. It’s a healthy process called apoptosis. Both of these processes are critical to human health…especially when you are fighting cancer. Anne plans to resume fasting in the Spring, but needs more nourishment this winter…especially after recent weight loss.


In addition to her own radical self-care routine, Anne teaches and practices holistic skin care and wellness. Learn about her Full Moon Facial here.


If you are inspired by Anne’s story, spread hope and share it with a pal.


This is not intended to be medical advice, that's what your doctor is for.