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Adventures in Aeroponics | Part One

Gardening is not my thing. I can’t even keep a houseplant alive. But I’ve always wanted to grow my own food…so when I found the Tower Garden, I knew it was the right solution for me. No weeds, no pests, no mess.

I didn’t realize that my kids would be excited about this too!


When the garden arrived, I couldn’t even get my hands on the box. My kids were all over it. They did all of the setup themselves. It’s simple!


The kids came to the store with me to pick out seeds. My priority is to grow a few things that I regularly use for dinner like basil, cilantro, kale and tomatoes. I let the kids pick the rest…so we are sprouting things like pumpkin, canteloupe, purple beans, cucumber and poppy flower. This should be interesting…I’ll let you know when I have a pumpkin in my house!


The kids started the sprouts in this handy little container and enjoyed checking each morning to see the changes. The lettuce was the first to sprout, but the beans were the quickest to grow reaching about 12 inches in a couple weeks!


Kids have a natural curiousity and love a new endeavor. From this experience, they have an understanding of seed growth that they couldn’t get from a textbook. They have developed a sense of pride watching their plants come to life. I can’t wait until they can eat their creations too!


Learn about the Tower Garden system.