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I’m an active Colorado girl who loves to play in the Rocky Mountain sunshine. Hiking, camping, snowboarding…you name it! The beach is my favorite place to escape and reconnect with my family.

Cruising on my Electra bicycle with my family and a matcha latte is the perfect Sunday morning. I get in trouble at stores like Lululemon, REI, and Title 9.

After the kids go to bed, a good book and a salt bath is heaven for me. Dark chocolate is my weakness.

I’m a t-shirt and jeans girl. I wear slippas, known as flip flops on the mainland, until there is snow on the ground, then it’s my cozy faux fur-lined boots. And a pair of black leggings…one of my staples!

I dream of owning a vintage Airstream and spending long summer days exploring the great National Parks with my family… and, of course, between trips it would be me and my man surfing the warm Pacific waves or cycling through vineyards.

I believe in sacrificing convenience to be environmentally conscious. Yep… cloth diapers, bike vs drive, reusable bags… I love giving life to old things!

I cherish the photo albums that my mother diligently created throughout my childhood. After years of cutting and pasting into scrapbooks, I appreciate the ease of journaling children’s lives through photo books. They grow so fast!